Perspective through another lens…

Its been interesting since being on the course that I have been looking through another lens which has given me different perspectives of business development.

Over the last week I’ve been on holiday (a small week off), and spent about three days down in Huntly and Hamilton.  Although there to see a friend, I have also been looking at the business development within the Hamilton city.

What interests me is the development of business at a wide range within the Hamilton district.  There is a lot of construction and shops going up, ‘The Base’ which is a shopping complex similar to that of West Gate or North West, and it is HUGE! Gigantic!  But it left me thinking about the size of the city.  Although small, it has developed itself a lot of potential and futuristic growth for business opportunities.

Prior to the course, I was always looking at the world with a different perspective where my view was somewhat limited on face value.  Now however, since the course, i am looking at ways to develop, opportunities to create employment and sustain business development and growth.

I did a little digging while I was down there and realised that there is a real want for balance between work and life, however, the housing market has grown substantially whereby this balance look as though its easier to achieve than it is here in Auckland.  Auckland almost feels stagnant and lacking opportunities to grow.  What you see when you first drive into Hamilton is this wide landscape of commercial and industrial buildings and garages, some that have already been established for quite some years, some however are in the middle of still being constructed. When you get past that you are welcomed into an architecturally designed, clean city [not town], whereby you become somewhat confused and impressed by its utter beauty.

I’m interested to see what the climate of business is like down there, because I feel that my knowledge of Hamilton is not as updated as I thought.  It’s been great being down there because I realise how many entrepreneurs there are that have taken business by the horns and contributed to what looks like a great city.

8 thoughts on “Perspective through another lens…

  1. Nice. I was down on the Kapiti Coast last year and thought the same thing. It has developments all over the place. Let’s face it though, us Auckland folk think we are the center and that the rest of the country revolves around us. We get caught in our own gravity. So do the other smaller ‘planets’ like …Hamilton. when I was living in London, it was worse, they think of themselves as almost another country within the country, as is the mass of political power centered in on that City.
    Bringing it back to Eship though, I guess it makes sense to have a bigger perspective on what you could/should/may be doing, is that you have to think outside of what you already know. Sometimes that could be as easy as leaving the City you live in or hoping on a plane.

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  2. i agree that in order to sometimes see what is on the other side of the south side of bombay. Hamilton has urged in business growth over the past couple of years and Tainui have also taken to building and investing in business opportunities for the city and the Iwi. I believe there is going to be a direct rail link from Tauranga to Hamilton in a few years which will give the business sector and entrepreneurs the opportunity to create business ventures.

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  3. interesting to that the Base has sucked the economy out of the central city and out to the periphery. Meaning that the city now has to take on a new form if it is to remain relevant.


  4. Kia Orana Scottie – I was down in Hamilton and I too noticed a great ambience of hussle and bussle, and that there is a plethora of business opportunities – they are definitely sorted. I would like this duplicated like in the Far North or even Tokoroa? New City developments for the rurals – would be mean! Kk N.

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